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Marie-Laure Gebhard

Thérapeute Ayurvédique

Life is a journey of encounters and experiences. Born in the middle of meadows and animals, nature has always occupied an important place in my life. With an entrepreneurial spirit, I graduated from l’Ecole hotelliere de  Lausanne. I opened my first business, a gypsy caravan café near Geneva to promote local products which you can see in the link

My need for introspection and my thirst to understand the world around me led me to take a break and climb up to a mountain hut for a period of reflection. During this period, through readings and discussions, I become familiar with Ayurveda. Touched by this "knowledge of life", which harmoniously reflects my own philosophy and connects me to nature, I decided to redirect my professional life in this direction.

In 2017 I completed a 3-year training course at the Swiss Avurvedic Medical Academy in Vevey during which I transformed myself into a real laboratory of Ayurveda tools.

In 2016, during my studies I spent time in Southern India to experience Panchakarma, an Ayurveda cure, which confirmed the benefits of Ayurveda to me. As I observed and became aware of it, I felt my body, mind and soul align gradually to achieve a beautiful harmony. The time has come when I want to share with those who want to the wonderful knowledge of Ayurveda. 


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Why I chose Ayurvedâme >

By her listening, Marie-Laure,
 adapted her massage to the needs of the moment. After this massage,   I felt full of energy.  

- Rebecca -


Why I chose Ayurvedâme >

Thanks to Marie-Laure's advices and small dietary adaptations, I found a better quality of sleep and more energy when I woke up!

- Timothy -


Why I chose Ayurvedâme >

Marie-Laure, advised me to eat a diet adapted to my sporting activity. At the same time, her massages have given me a lot of energy.

- Delphine -

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